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The dream
During his childhood, Gernot took his parents’ heavy, leather-bound atlas out of the bookshelf and searched with his little fingers over the large pages for the world’s highest mountain; in these moments he dreamt of being there, on the top of the world, nothing above him but the dark blue sky.



The challenge
After building up two ventures, Gernot searched for a new challenge and found himself back with his childhood dream of Mount Everest extending it to the seven summits project.
He started with
Kilimanjaro and one year later he stood on the highest point on earth, on the summit of Mount Everest, a personal success he already dreamt of as a little boy.

The message
“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
If you align yourself to reach your objectives and not only daydream, you will be able to reach them.
But take care, you depend on your teammates, on their qualities and on their character. Small personal failures, as well as those of teammates, such as lapses in concentration, can be lethal. Time for decision-making is limited; alternatives, while being available, have to be discovered and implemented. And finally, you have to cope with the situation you are in.



The presentation
In his presentation, Gernot lets the audience experience the strong self-empowerment of going for extremely stretched targets. He takes the audience with him, all the way up to the summit of the world, Mount Everest. Fascinating pictures and music reflecting their emotions accompany them on this journey.